Dear residents, friends and relatives, welcome again to our quarterly newsletter which we hope you will enjoy. Through this we try to keep everyone informed of all the news and developments happening at Alt-na-craig.

Richard Glass Eleanor’s Dad, invited a number of the residents to the launch of his book, “The Long Journey” which was held in John Gault House.

It was a fabulous event with over 100 people attending it, including the Provost of Inverclyde and the Minister of the Gourock Baptist Church.

After the speeches and presentations everyone was treated to a lavish buffet.

This is his first book and is quite an achievement, “His book is full of human interest and reflects the essential nature of its author: generous, simple-hearted in the best sense, interested in his fellow human beings, ready to appreciate the funny side of life and to take its hard knocks without losing his integrity – a gift he learned early in life.

Dick wanted to write this book as a memento for his family (including the twins, born after the events in this story). He then discovered that there was widespread interest among his old army acquaintances as soon as they had wind of its existence.”

As a regular visitor and friend of all the staff and residents of Altnacraig, we all would like to congratulate Richard for what is a tremendous achievement!

Fashion Show with M & Co

The residents enjoyed an evening of high fashion with M & Co. They were able to buy clothes for themselves and were given lots of time, styling tips, and help by the organisers. Some of the residents bought gifts for their family.

Cath Bell’s Retirement

It was a very sad occasion for everyone last month when Cath Bell retired.

We invited the Clydeside singers to her presentation. They all dressed in a nautical theme, and all the residents and staff wore their sailor pill box hats and scarfs and everyone had a great time.

Cath was quite emotional about leaving us all, but she was given some beautiful gifts by the staff and residents, who will miss her.

We wish her well in her retirement!

Summer Trips

The trips this summer were extremely popular.

One of the more recent favourite day trips was on the Wooden Spoon Seagull barge along the Forth and Clyde Canal. The barge sailed with the residents through the middle of the Kelpies and the captain told the story of the two monuments reflecting the Clydesdale horse and the lost industries in the Falkirk area.

The name, the Kelpies, comes from the mythological transforming beasts, which had the strength and endurance of 100 horses. Each of them is 30 feet tall and weighs over 300 tonnes.

Today they are the gateway to the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Image result for the kelpies

The Kelpies

The trip to the Glasgow Transport museum was another highlight which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The weekly bus outings go to a variety of places of interest to the residents, and one of the best loved is “the Cottage” where Alison McSween, who is our lovely aromatherapist, is the owner, and thoroughly spoils everyone.

The Brisbane Hotel and Tontine Hotel are also favourites. Recently the residents have enjoyed Bus Tours of Greenock taking them back to see all the old places that they haven’t been to in many years.

Work Place Experience

Altnacraig is a recognised as a placement by the local schools, colleges and universities for their students. This is a very positive experience for the students, the residents, and the Care Home alike.

The students benefit from the teaching and mentoring they receive. Most recently we had Nikkaela and Jordan from Clydeview Academy and they were a tremendous help with the recreational team in particular with the arts and crafts.

The residents have recently been involved in making “twiddlemuffs” and knitting blankets for Alzheimer’s Scotland.

These have been found to be really therapeutic and helpful for people with dementia. Alzheimers Scotland have really welcomed our contribution.

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer. People all over the UK host their own Coffee Mornings and donations on the day are made to Macmillan.

Last year alone they raised a fantastic £25 million.

Care homes and places of work all over the world were raising funds for McMillan Cancer Support. It is a fantastic cause and the staff and residents were delighted to take part in this fund raising event.

Andrea raised money by offering aromatherapy massages to the residents, relatives and staff. Shawn and Sandra made tablet.

Everyone enjoyed the McCaskies slice rolls which were on sale. £200 was raised for McMillan Cancer Support.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Salvation Army The Salvation Army have invited the residents in all Care Homes to attend a service on the first Monday of every month.

They have named the service “More than Sparrows”, they hope to provide an opportunity for people with a diagnosis of dementia to be able to worship in a way that is tailored or acceptable to them.

Gardening Club

Many of the residents are, and have been keen gardeners and are thoroughly enjoying pottering in the greenhouse.

They planted sunflower seeds in April and this year they blossomed into magnificent sunflower plants, which were sold and raised money for the Cancer McMillan coffee morning. Clearly the attention and care provided by the residents worked a treat!

Olympic Games

This year all the Care Homes hosted their own Olympic Games and competed against each other, the staff and residents had great fun but unfortunately athletics is not our strongest point. Forever Living Gemma and Stephanie came along to demonstrate their Aloe Vera products, which are all natural and holistic. The residents and staff enjoyed the demonstration and made some purchases.

Birthdays Over the past few months we have enjoyed celebrating a number of birthdays, with the popular entertainment from The Wherries, Stewart Faulds and the Clydeside Singers.

It is important that everyone is made to feel special on their birthday.

Recreational Programme The recreational programme continues to be one of the most enjoyable parts of our service. Eleanor, Sandra, Liz, Andrea, and Allison continue to do an amazing job, and always with a smile!

Their enthusiasm and love of the job is contagious, and the residents enjoy participating in all the events and outings they arrange for them.

There are a wide variety of activities, all of wh0ich focus on the residents’ individual interests. These stimulate and benefit the residents who look forward to them.

Things to Come ……..

4th November Art of Shaving for the Gentlemen

12th November Cinderella Ballet by Alba Ballet in the Beacon

19th November The Clydeside Singers Gospel Concert 28th November M & Co fashion Show

29th November St Andrews Concert 30th November Xmas Pantomime at the Old Gourock and Ashton Church And finally…….

It is important for us to continue to assess, improve and develop our service.

Feedback from residents and their relatives is instrumental in helping us to provide a great service continually.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and please remember, if your relative has any other family or friends who would like a copy of our newsletter, please let us know and we will send them a copy.

You can contact us by telephone on 01475 731308 or by e-mail at nick@altnacraighouse.co.uk.

Kind Regards Elaine Torbet
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